British Kyusha Taikai, September 2007

The first BKA Kyusha Taikai was held at Imperial College in London on 22nd September 2007. Any BKA member below shodan and practising for less than 3 years was eligible to enter.
The taikai was combined with a refereeing seminar as well, so everyone got to fence in the example matches before the taikai began. As usual with the refereeing seminars some fighters were ‘encouraged’ to do something wrong to check that the refs were awake :).

There were 65 entrants for the taikai coming from all over the UK. Matches were 90 seconds long, with no encho (extra time). Any matches ending in hikiwake (a draw) were decided by hantei (judges decision).
Despite a nightmare getting to the venue I had a great day out. Managing to struggle through to the semis to get a 3rd place.

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