Robin Hood Pageant, 21st October 2007

IMG_3903Last time we went to this I had a hangover, and kept getting phonecalls from a beardy friend who’d just purchased a SII Landrover and needed some questions answered.

This time I managed to make it with a clear head and a camera (last time I’d have been complaining about waiting for my beloved stopping to take shots, how times change….).

There was the usual stuff, jousting (which we couldn’t see due to crowds), falconry, story telling (I think we sat through 2 retellings of the robin hood story), a small reenactment encampment and some staged fighting
I was most taken by the birds (probably obvious from their over representation in the photos). I need to get over my shyness when I’ve got a camera in my hands, or get a hooge lens and go papparazi style instead.

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