Kendo practice 25th October 2007

The dojo floor has been fixed :). There’s no more gaffa tape lining the floor.

Just couldn’t get my head together at the start of practice. Hands wrong way round for Mokuso, picking up tenegui when going into seiza rather than waiting for command, and then taking 3 attempts to tie my tenegui.

Plus I seemed to have the start of a cold. Had been fine all day, but found myself suddenly spluttering and coughing throughout practice.

Practice took the form of:
Men (tobikomi, seme/sashi men, debana men)
Kote (sideways and over, seme to eye and under as motodachi lifts, seme – invite – oji waza)
Men Oji waza

Once I’d got my head screwed on it went well. Occasionally I managed to get my hips driving my movement (or it felt like I had), and someone did comment that during jigeiko they’d felt that I coming forward a lot faster/stronger. Hopefully I aiming for the right thing, now to try and get it for every cut. And work on landing for fumikomi more as well.

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