kendo practice 15th November 2007

Started off badly by bashing my foot just under the left toes on the metal edging of some steps leading up to the dojo.

Taiso followed by suburi. Busy trying to concentrate on keeping my arms relaxed all the way through the swing until tenouchi. Feels strange as though you’re not trying enough.

Sensei had us all stand against the wall so that our heals, buttocks, shoulders and back of head were touching it. Then to tuck our chin in so we were looking levelly. Apparently this is how our posture should be for kendo. Felt very weird, much more upright that I’m used to. I can see that I’m going to be installing servers at work with my back against the racks for practice.

Kirikaeshi, not sure if sensei was trying to show how important motodachi is in setting distance or just trying to draw me out more but he seemed to want to really ‘pull’ me back acros the dojo with large steps.

Do-Kirikaeshi, pointed out that motodachi needs to push kakarite to make them get something out of the exercise. Also that motodachi should take care of where they end up so that kakarite is left with a good oppurtunity to strike men.

Tobikomi men (3 on one breath), taking care not to move the front foot before the cut.

Kote-Men. Pointed out that I’m making the same size fumikomi for both cuts. It should be much shorter for Kote as it’s closer than men is. Then Kote-do

Waza practice. Build tension with kensen just touching, then one person performs seme-ashi. Other person responds with a men cut. One the first set of rotations the person who’d seme-ashi’ed then performed shikake waza against them. On the second set of rotations it was a choice of oji waza. Third set of rotations were waza against a kote strike.

Jigeiko. For some reason I found I wasn’t pushing through after a cut as much as I should do. I’ve get the push and stomp in for the cut OK, but then there’d be a pause before I could push myself through.

While packing up Sensei and Sempai were putting evil thoughts into my head about heading to Japan for some practice at Ozawa Sensei’s dojo. There is the potential for a lot of overtime over christmas so it might be possible……..

Mumeishi 3’s on Saturday to look forward too. Not expecting to do hugely well, but should be a good chance to get some practice in, get some photos and meet people.

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