Drop Dead Festival Prague, Day 3

Naughty Zombies at Drop Dead Prague
Straight into the venue again. I’ve heard a rumour that there was a band on that we missed, but who really knows.

First band we saw were The Naughty Zombies (http://www.myspace.com/naughtyzombies)(Pictures). Good fun fast paced Rock N Roll from spain. Top live act. The music is a bit of a hybrid, but there’s definitely some cramps influence in there as well.

The next band up were The Sixteens. Didn’t seem to do anything for me, and insisted on playing in the dark so no photos either (some of us are nice enough to know that only idiots use a flash at gigs =:p).

So moving swiftly on we come to Din Glorious (www.myspace.com/dinglorious)(Pictures) A multicoloured cacaphony with cocks is probably a decent description of these New Yorkers. The Crowd seemed to enjoy them with a teeny pit starting up. Definitely on the art punk side of the festival.

Antiworld at Drop Dead Prague></a> Following on were old favourites Antiworld (<a href=myspace.com/antiworld)(Pictures) They bounced through a classic set, complete with fake heads and audience throw outs.

Next on the bill were ‘French Cold Wave Pioneers’ Norma Loy (http://www.myspace.com/normaloy) (Pictures) Not a name I was familiar with. Interesting set, but seemed a bit slow and plodding after Antiworld

Lene Lovich at Drop Dead Prague 2007

But that may have just been getting us ready for Lene Lovich. Not an artist I know very much about, but it was certainly interesting. Unfortunately I was lured away to the bar a bit to sharpish at the end, so missed Antiworld coming on stage to perform with her. D’oh

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