Kendo Practice, 23rd November 2007

Not the most pleasant drive to practice last night. Rainy and lots of traffic weren’t really what I was looking for. Pretty good turn out as well.

Went throught the current ‘usual’ practice:

  • Kirikaeshi
  • Men – First time from just inside distance, large men with no prior foot movement. Then from kensen touching, seme in and then small men
  • Kote – concentrating on moving your right foot towards motodachi’s right foot to make sure you get kote rather than their tsuba
  • Kote-Men – First time with small movement with motodachi not stepping backwards. Then concentrating more on the Men part (using the ‘kote’ to open motodachi’s kamae for men)
  • Men ouji waza – Mainly I went for debana kote or suriage men. Still finding that I can’t get the distance right with suriage and end up striking too ‘deeply’. Not sure if it’s because I’m:
    • a – Not fast enough
    • b – too tense
    • c – need to move my back foot back slightly to give more more room
  • kote ouji waza – had some success with nuki waza, even tried uchi-otoshi once.
  • Jigeiko – Tried to concentrate on keeping distance open. Could sort of hold it occasonally, but then found it hard to seme in convinvingly enough to actually make an opening. There always felt to be a bit of a ‘stutter’ as I brough my left left up to push off with. Tried to concentrate as well on large cuts and pushing my body in with my hips, could definitely occasionally feel it being ‘stronger’ than normal.

Got given a copy of the Video from the Mumeishi’s last night, will watch it tonight and try not to wince too much.

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