kendo kyusha seminar day 2, 2nd December 2007

This was the 2nd day of practice with Matsumoto sensei. There was training from 10-12 and then there was an open grading for 8th thru 2nd kyu (ie; you did your best and then Sensei would award the correct grade).

There was a good turn out, though only a few people who weren’t grading (5 people @ ikkyu and above)

due to a few snags Sensei was running late so we started by running through the kihon no bokuto kata 1-5, as this was needed for the grading. Making sure that everything was smooth (or at least trying), using large cuts, good footwork, strong kiai and holding zanshin after each cut.

When Sensei turned up we began the session:

Suburi – a lot of reiteration of points from the day before. Sensei had us lifting our hands a lot higher than usual (normally we cut men with the left fist just out of eyeline, Sensei had us lift them mush further (on the same curve) so they were actually above the head).

Kirikaeshi – Again covering the points from yesterday. Sensei also touched up the breathing needed (probably something new to a lot of people there), that it should be done on 3 breaths (1 breath for kakegoe and first men, breathe in during taitari, 9 sayu men and 1 large men on 1 breathe, breathe in during taitaril, 9 sayu men and 1 large men, turn and zanshin on 1 breathe)

Kihon ho in armour – Again emphasing good form, strong kiai and a good follow through.

The practice actually ended here. And then there was a grading. Sensei had the candidates do suburi, kihon kata, kirikaeshi and then kihon kata in armour. Everyone did really well, with Sensei awarding grades from 6th Kyu through to 2nd Kyu

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