Kendo Practice 13th December

A very cold drive over to Ollerton tonight, took quite a while to warm up there. Still recovering from some sort of flu/cold, so I found myself spluttering quite a bit and just couldn’t do the normal breathing in kirikaeshi to save my life.

Suburi – Tried to concentrate on using my hips more, keeping myself low/level (Sensei had pointed out that I have a tendancy to rise up when moving) and also the pointers that Matsumoto sensei passed on (using thumb knuckle for center and also lifting hands higher on upswing)

Sensei then split us into groups of 3 for the next drills. We’d work in a rota for these, 1 person as motodachi, 1 as kakarite once that set had finished kakarite would become motodachi and the spare person step in as kakarite, and then repeat until Sensei call yamme.

Kirikaeshi – Tried to concentrate on the initial men cuts and taitari, some success, but I did feel at times that I was cutting to deep so need to work on my distance. Sensei told me I need to try and do Nidan kirikaeshi, which is strange as I don’t feel I’m doing shodan kirikaeshi properly yet.

Continuous Do-kirikaeshi – had some problems with distance going forward. Seemed to be taking too large steps and then cutting too deep.

Tobikomi men



Men debana men/kote – Push in with very small seme-ashi, opponent reacts and then beat them to the men or debana kote

Men ouji waza – Tried some suriagi, but need to create more room or allow opponent to commit more. Was often ending up cutting too deep or hitting the kote.

Kote ouji waza


kirikaeshi – My arms had gone by this point and it all just went to pieces, felt like 2.5 years ago with the left hand all over the shop and wrists at the same level

Sensei’s overall theme for the evening was posture. It does make a difference, certainly I notice it during the kote exercises, keeping the back straight and the head back forces me to extend my arms more which results in a better snap at the end of the cut.

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