Kendo practice 11th January 2008

Finally back to practice after a long break. Seemed to have suffered 3 different colds over christmas, and they seemed to finally have shifted last night.

During suburi I got picked up on having my feet too close together, I thought I’d managed to get past that but it’s another thing to watch. It felt very strange to try and keep the stance wider and I concentrated on that a bit too much. Also need to lift my hands higher on the upswing

Kirikaeshi and Do-Kirikaeshi, continuously until Sensei said stop. Really started to notice the lack of practice here, arms started to get tired and there was no way I could do it on the usual 3 breaths. In fact I ended up with each kiai being a breath.

Kihon practice. Not happy with my kote, there doesn’t seem to be enought snap / sae in them. Still not changing my step distance for nidan waza so usually end up too close for the men cut.

Waza + seme-ashi practice. Still don’t really have a feel of seme, but I felt my seme-ashi had improved a little. I’m not ending up quite as deep, so I’ve still room to react and there’s some tension left in my left leg. Need improve going forward after a strike, some suriage worked well, but then there’d be a small delay before I began moving forward strongly.

Jigeiko – Managed to get in one jigeiko with sensei. Was very scrappy on my part. Ended with kakarigeiko, I tried to put everything into it, but think I put too much in as I was hitting too hard and was soon a complete wreck. Unfortunately I then ended up bringing my dinner back up which pretty much ended jigeiko for me for that evening.

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  1. hey! you got a nice page here, planning to go to Brighton for the Lorries? (I saw you on lastfm)
    I will probably go there as I won’t be in uk for the islington academy date.
    maybe follow them to oxford the night after..that is if I can afford it and if I have enough strenght ;)
    anyways, good blog!

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