Kendo Practice 15th May 2008

First practice back after 4 months. Had spent the previous night at home practicing putting bogu on and repeatedly tying tenegui to check I had everything right. And revising the basics like how many strikes forwards and backwards in kirikaeshi.

This might not be the most comprehensive or correct memoir, was concentrating more on not falling over (only failed once :))

Taiso – Already sweating by this point
Suburi – Felt very relaxed, but feet have narrowed again. Hayasuburi was a killer, but feet felt smoother than I remember.
Kirikaeshi/Do-Kirikaeshi – Breathing ability has gone. Distance seemed to come and go.
Seme-Men – Slight difference with the seme. Moving back foot first and then front foot. Have already forgotten the term for this.
Kote-Men – Still fumikomi-ing too deeply for the initial kote.
Uchikomi-geiko – Really started losing it about here. Had to request a quick water break.
Jigeiko – Luckily Sensei asked us to concentrate on the seme tactics we’d been practicing earlier in the session so it wasn’t quite as bad as it could have been. Though he did seem to change his mind a little when it was my turn.

Glad to be back. Think I’ve been worrying about restarting too much and should have jumped back in earlier. Certainly feeling it this morning.

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