Kendo Practice 10th June 2008

2nd Practice at Eishin Juku last night. Another 2 new starters and 2 more people turning up from other dojos.

Started with kata. Worked on Bokuto Kihon form 1. I had problems with distance, I wonder if I’ve got used to practicing at certain places and subconciously picking up on distance markers, rather than actually knowing the distance from my partner?

Then moved onto shinai kendo.

After suburi we worked on cutting exercises without bogu. First of all Men. In pairs, motodachi would hold their shinai horizontally at head height. Kakarite would strike 10 times concentrating on keeping arms in position and stretching wrists, then 10 times with slightly more force and tenouchi, and finally 10 times with a small fumikomi to try and improve ki-ken-tai-ichi. I found the last one quite tricky as I kept having the urge to use a full stomp rather than the little one that was required, think I need to work on fumikomi-ing to the distance needed rather than always trying for the long distanct.

Then moved onto do cuts. First exercise in pairs was just striking normal do from a static position, then moving on to alternating cutting normal do with gyaku-do. The next exercise was kakarite standing with their feet apart and slightly sunken, motodachi would cut men, kakarite perform kaeshi while cutting alternate do and gyaku-do. The important part was that kakarite was moving their hips across their feet while cutting, the idea being to bring the hips into the cutting action for do.

Then moved onto Kirikaeshi and Do-kirikaeshi. Sensei asked me to work with the new starters working on basic men cuts while the rest of the group moved onto ‘structured’ uchikomigeiko (ie Sensei laid down which cuts in which order).

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