Apps ‘to be as big as internet’

To be honest this just sounds like a barrage of hype. So far all I’ve seen from apps is a way of presenting a better interface to information on the Internet.These apps seem to fall into 1 of 2 categories:

1) This category purely relies on the platform it’s on. So it’s a basic phone utility, or a very basic GPS locator.  But these apps are all a bit boring and really they don’t become interesting until they can see the internet, when they fall into category 2 which is

2) Applications that interact with the internet. So now your GPS location can work with Google’s Maps and show you where you are, and then access their API to show you where you want to go.  

Now there’s nothing to stop the GPS data from being provided to the browser on the device and all the same functionality will be available without a dedicated App.

So apps only really make sense if they make accessing the data on the web easier than it is through a browser. And that means that Apps only really become imperative if there’s data that wants accessing. So there’ll be a proliferation of apps for every social networking site that appears (I’m still overwhelmed by the number of twitter clients out there atm).

The only other real reason for preferring an app over the browser is if the app can run in the background and keep you updated about events and postings.

So Apps will only ever be as big at best as anything that can be posted on the internet. And the majority of people will still access that internet through the large PC/desktop with the nice screen and fast connection.

And that’s not even touching the quality of most of the apps I’ve seen.

So nope, it’s not the next big thing.

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