Roadside Crosses – Jefferey Deaver

I’m not normally one to read crime novels, but as I’d been bought a ticket to see Mr Deaver speaking I thought I’d better read one of them. And this one was to hand;

Jumping in in the middle of a series always feels a bit strange, especially as so much is made of 2 previous cases/books in this one. One of the cases turns into a major plot point and get’s nicely explained and resolved. The other keeps being referenced throughout the book (and appears to be carrying on into the next), in fact to such an extent that I thought it was going to have a major impact on the cases in this book.

The writing is nice and relaxed so it’s a pleasure to sit down to just read for an hour or two.

The plot keeps going along at a good pace with plenty of twists and turns (isn’t it a shame that you can always tell how much of the books left so you know that something’s lurking just round the page, maybe something electronic ‘readers’ will solve?).

The characters are all nicely fleshed out in the book even though we’re part way through the series, so there wasn’t too much to leave the reader in the dark.  There was also some nice developments showing that the author still wants to move along with them.

Slight niggles, but this could be down to my interests. At no point does anyone think to maintain a proper chain of evidence with any of the computers they bring in for examination. Instead each one is handed over to a ‘volunteer’ who boots them up and starts looking through them. I’m assuming that the US is the same as the UK and this sort of mucking around on a computer would immediately lead to  the evidence being treated as suspect and potentially thrown out.

When the characters start to talk about ‘online’ life, it would appear (and the ‘thank yous’ at the back support it) that Mr Deaver had some coaching on the computer/online parts rather than actually experiencing it. At times this leads to some very strange language where it feels like the l33t sp3@k is being forced in rather than flowing, and for some reason the phrase ‘Synth World’ just sounded false as well.

Overall a good book though. I’m looking forward to hearing him speak tomorrow, and I’ll probably pick up some of his other books as well in the future

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