New Gadget – iPhone

So, after prevaricating for a while I’ve finally decided to take the plunge on an iPhone. Mainly swung by the fact that a friend is selling their 3G for £50, and if it turns out to be a mistake T-Mobile will upgrade me to a HTC Hero for nowt. So either way I end up with a nice new phone.

I plumped for giving the iPhone a go as I want a small device that saves me carrying iPod and Phone, and then a GPS unit when I go running, plus a nice instant startup web tablet at home on the wifi would be nice (as well as during meetings at work….) The HTC hero looks good on the phone part and the internet part, but not so brilliant as a media player.

So now I need to look for a couple of bits and pieces:

  • A decent case
  • Possibly some new earbuds with inline controls
  • An armband case for running
  • Some apps, would like somethings to help with:
    • Run tracking (ie; GPS stats and routes)
    • Flickr, be nice to make changes on the move
    • Twitter, thought there’s no shortage of those
    • WordPress, update this thing from anywhere
    • Games, I get bored quickly :)

I’m sure I’ll get distracted by many shiny things as I go along

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