Day 1 with the iphone

So, one day with the iPhone so far. Some ups, some downs but on the whole happy with it

On the downside I forgot to check which version of the bootloader it was running. It appears that 5.09 is currently ‘unlockable’, so I’ve had to resort to sending off for a turbo sim

The jail breaking on the other hand was pretty painless. I used Pwnage tool to create a modified Ipsw file which was then pushed back onto the iPhone using iTunes.

Had some problems getting some tunes onto it, but I think that was more of a limitation of my work pc than the phone, will be checking when I get home to the mac.

Getting it onto work’s wireless network was very simple, in fact finding the settings on the intranet took longer than the set up. Once on line installing apps, both from cydia and the app store was quick and easy.

Just about getting to grips with the keyboard now, this is being typed up while I wait in town, and the only reason it’s not being posted from my sunny bit of Nottingham is the aforementioned lack of mobile phoneness. And not quite sure of the easiest way to sort out links on posts yet so i’ll do those once this has been posted

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