Run Route 2, Nottingham, Forest Fields, NG7

Running route 2 around Forest Fields NG3
Running route 2 around Forest Fields NG7

This one’s a little hillier than the last one and doesn’t involve running circles round the rec. The gmaps distance is about right compared with my Forerunner at about 3 miles.

Starting from the Goose Fair island again head up sherwood rise, turn right down Alberta terrace just after the 2nd crossing. Follow along as it turns into Gladstone Street, cross the tram tracks at Noel street, past the swimming baths and straight on to Radford road. Cross the road, turn right and then left along Wilkinson Street. Straight on till you come to the Ring Road, turn left along the ring road for a very short way and then turn left down Nuthall Road (A610). Follow this along past the car dealerships and over the railway at Bobbersmill Bridge. Turn left along gregory boulevard and really hate the long slow gradient as you head all the way back along to the start point.

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