Review – Insect Warfare at The Old Angel, Nottingham – 08/10/2009

So a thursday night trip into nottingham town for a gig at the old angel, been a while since I’ve done that.

unfortunately another late appearance due to sickness and work, but we were still there for just after 9 having been warned via Facebook that the place was looking very busy. It certainly was. Ended up grabbing a pint and chatting to people downstairs (could have done without Roy’s Rock Karaoke having now spread out from the Sal) for a bit.

Remembering why we’d turned up we headed upstairs to catch Afternoon Gentlemen (I think, I’ve no idea so apologies if I offended anyone). Good short focused set.

Then time for the main act. The only time I’ll get to see Insect Warfare. And boy they don’t disappoint. Straight off from the start. People going wild, pint glasses shattering off the roof (so much for the ‘plastics only upstairs’ policy). A variety of vocalists clamber on to help out, none of which I recognise. And as usual there’s no chance of a setlist from me, not even songs stand out, just a short wall of aggression. At most it was a 25 minute set, with one begrudging encore before the band starts stripping the stage.

So another night ends on a high with ringing ears. Need more of this.

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