Running – Week 1 – w/c 4/10/2009

04/10/2009 – 4.7 miles in 47 minutes. Jogged along to Amon Amarth’s “With Oden on Our Side” which seemed like a nice pace, until it ended at 42 minutes and the iPod went onto 1349. Thought I’d try a variation on a previous route and headed uphill up mansfield Road which may have been a mistake. Also got slightly lost round the back of basford and ended up doing more hills than I expected.

06/20/2009 – About 3.5 miles – route 2. No time as the battery on my forerunner went as soon as I left the house, d’oh. Think I went out too fast, really felt a struggle to make it to the end. Felt like a very long time out

09/10/2009 – 3.55 miles in 33 minutes – Route 2. Mainly listened to Pain’s “Nothing Remains the Same”. Felt reasonably good at the end of the run. Slightly sore in the lower calfs. Much easier to keep a decent pace with the Forerunner working this time

10/10/2009 – 4 miles in 36.30 minutes – Route 5. Squeezed an extra one into this week as I’m working the sunday and have a night out, so running on the 11th wouldn’t happen. Nice flat run in the evening sun. Paths reasonably clear though a few dozy families 4 a breast along narrow paths not believing they’re doing anything wrong. Tried out RunKeeper pro on the iPhone as well. Not bad though had a problem with it at 10 minutes in so no proper track, mainly due to no backgrounding on the iPhone.

So total mileage for the week is 15.75 miles.

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