Review – Joolz Denby at Seven, Nottingham – 11th October 2009

A bit of a different gig tonight. No distorted guitars or standing up clutching apint or energetic dancing for us. Instead a peaceful evening of acoustic performaces, spoken word and dinner.

The performance was downstairs at Seven for a change (normally bands are upstairs). The evening started with the serving of a veggie lasagne which was a nicer way to start than the usual pack of Dry Roasted peanuts to soak up the beer, could have been a little larger though.

First performance came from The James Warner Prophecies (Myspace). A nice laid back mix of acoustic guitar, bass, flute and a small drum. Really quite enjoyed this, nicely laid back rock/indie tunes with a bit of a lilt. They said normally they were a bit louder, and having listened to the tracks on their myspace I’d have to agree. But the acoustic set was enough to persuade me to fork over a fiver for their album. Will have to have a listen to that later.

Next up were 2 members of New York Alcoholic Anxiety Attack (Myspace) doing a short set. Just a nice combination of guitar, bass and voice. Very 60’s/Donovan like, very nice. If I’m in the country we’ll try and catch the full band when they support In Isolation at The Maze on the 5th november

And then the main event of the evening, a spoken word performance by Joolz Denby (Myspace. Really hard to write a good review of this as it’s always amazing, but very hard to try and convey that to someone who’s never seen her perfom. There were stories of the seedy underbelly of music festival and the idiocy of believing that a gun makes you a man, all mixed in with sharp life observations and anecdotes. Speaking with passion Joolz always make you feel you’re there in the flesh, and even though you’re only with the characters for a short time they all feel fully fleshed out and very real. Plus there were cupcakes.

Joolz’s performances are always memorable for her performance and the overall evening (the time I saw her at Beeston library straight after driving back to nottingham from Leipzig, performing in a tattoo studio in Derby, and walking through a small blizzard to her last appearance at Seven spring to mind) and I this was another one to add to that list on both counts.

Many thanks to James and Michelle from Riot Promotions for putting the gig on.

I did take some photos, but they’ll follow later once I get a chance to see just how noisy and out of focus they are (and at Joolz’ request try to remove 15 years in photoshop).

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