Running – Week 2 – w/c 11/10/2009

12/10/2009 – 2.5 miles in 32 minutes. A nice slow start to the week, feeling slightly delicate from too much Guinness the night before, but still it felt good to be moving

17/10/2009 – 3.55  miles in 32 minutes, mostly on Route 2. A last gasp attempt to get a run in for the week, not been easy this week with birthday meals and an illness in the house. Felt pretty good all things considered. Fancied a longer run, but decided not to blow it, and didn’t have the time before going away. Quite fast now I look at it, average pace of 9:20 and I dipped to 8:05 in places.

Total for week = 6.05 miles

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