Review – Behemoth at Rock City, Nottingham – 19/10/2009

Got into Rock City about songs into Suicide Silence‘s set. Got to say it didn’t do anything for me. I’ve got “The Cleansing” and didn’t think it was too bad as an album. I think the main problem was the vocals, there just wasn’t any real depth or command in them. There was a good racket from the drummer, though nothing amazing and the string section were passable. But at nearly twice the age of a lot of the crowd, what do I know?

Managed to get pretty close to the front for Behemoth. Amused by the chants for the band, seemed to be a bit of confusion about how exactly to pronounce it. Opening with “Ov Fire and The Void” from the new album was great, setting the bar high for the rest of the set. Which they hit, Slaves shall server was immense. The entire band were on top form. Inferno’s drumming was tight and fast, the Orion seemed to be having fun. And Nergal was on fine form, though touring with the Americans does seem to have had some influence on his stage manner. Where I was stood the crowd were really into the entire set, with some of the younger members of the audience having fun in a circle pit just behind. Only slight downsides were the constant leaving of the stage between songs to swap kit over, and finishing on a slow number.

retired to the Merch stand (lovely all over Evangalion print T-shirt purchased), grabbed a beer and watched DevilDriver from the back. Pretty competent set, but after about 4 songs it was all sounding a bit samey and nothing was really grabbing us so we decided the pub was a better use of time. After a slight fan moment as it was realised we were stood next to Behemoth (they scrub up well out of the stage gear) we headed off to the Tap.

Looking forward to seeing Behemoth again, hopefully headlining themselves next time. But looks like there’s at least 2 dates to look forward to next year as Hellfest and Bloodstock.

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