Running – Week 3 – w/c 18/10/2009

19/10/2009 – 2.85 miles, 32 minutes – A nice slow run round forest fields. Nothing too energetic but nice to get out.

21/10/2009 – 4 miles, 36:41 minutes – mostly route 2, with a little loop round the forest rec to add a bit of distance on. Faster than precious, average pace of 9.02, though I did notice occasional drops down to 8:30. Didn’t feel completely dead at the end, and no aches for the rest of the evening or the next day.

23/10/2009 – 4 miles, 34:49, mostly route 2. had a little nap after work before heading out so felt a little groggy. didn’t feel it, but the time says it was faster than the previous round. Felt good at the end, ended up shopping at the Coop and then walking home from there.

24/10/2009 – 5.81 miles, 56:06 mostly route 6. First time I’d tried this longer route. Very windy, which was very noticeable along the canal stretch, could really feel it pushing back. Tried to hold it back on the initial downhill section, think it worked. Didn’t feel too bad on the way back even considering it’s pretty much all uphill from the canal to the end.

Weekly total = 16.66  miles

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