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So I’ve had the iPhone about a month now. Got to say I’m pretty impressed with it so far. It’s nice and speedy, the screen is nice and useable. Not been overly bothered by the size, which I was initially worried about, but it seems to disappear into jeans pockets reasonably easily (even with my other phone already in there.). As an iPod it works brilliantly. And with Runkeeper Pro (my Runkeeper Pro review) it’s been brilliant out on runs as well.

The battery does go down very quickly, but I’m guessing that’s actually the amount of WiFi usage I put it through. But I have now finally bitten the bullet and signed up for a 02 Pay as You Go sim card, so this could be the difference as I try to use it as a proper phone, and also seeing how good/bad 02s network is. Got rather used to using it on fast wifi all the time :).

The balance is tipping towards making it my full time phone. At the moment though it’s the worry of how good o2’s network actually is that’s stopping me comitting by porting my number across (I’ve had it for nearly 10 years now and don’t fancy changing). But with Orange about to release the 3GS on their network as well, I could be very tempted to migrate. Though then there’s the worry about wether Apple will release a version 4 just as I get locked into a contract.

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