iphone apps not starting up or crashing out immediately

Apologies for the repeated terms, but I spent a lot of time on Google trying to find a solution to this one. So hopefully this might appear near the top of the list for someone else’s benefit. (I hope it helps you in that case).

The problem was:

Whenever I tried to open an application on my iphone it would start to load, then almost instantly return me to the home screen (crashing out). This only appeared to affect apps from the iTunes App store, both free and purchased. My Cydia apps were fine. As were the apps that come preinstalled on the iPhone.

I tried all the solutions listed on various forums

  • Restarting the iPod
  • Installing a new free application via iTunes
  • installing a new paid application via iTunes
  • Removing an application on the iPhone and then reinstalling
  • Removing an application on the iPhone, restarting and then reinstalling
  • Syncing everything again with my Mac

None of these worked at all.

In the end the solution that did work was to restore my phone, set it up as a new phone and then resynceverything else. Luckily I always keep my calendar synced with iCal and Google calendars, my email syncs with Gmail and my contacts are synced with the Mac Address book. Plus iTunes copied all my apps back across for me. The music was all safe as well, it just took a while to resync everything back on. In fact the only things I actually lost were my Cydia apps, but they were soon put back on.

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