Running – Week 6 – w/c 9/11/2009

Weeks 4 and 5 just seemed to disappear. With a weekend in London for Fleetwood Mac, a unexpected batch of work during a holiday, a cold and a trip to Rome they just seemed to fill up.

But back to it now. Distances may be slightly off as I managed to leave my forerunner behind somewhere, so until it’s back I’m relying on the iPhone, thought I’m not sure if it;s as accurate. (and I left the holster for the iPhone as well, grrrr)

09/11/2009 – 3.39 miles – 33:28 minutes – mostly route 2. Felt good to be out and running again. Felt slightly odd holding something, but I soon got used to it. Seemed to be a good pace all the way round and I didn’t feel dead at the end either. Looks like 2 weeks off might not have done too much damage

10/11/2009 – 3.87 miles – 37:14 minutes – route 7.  Wasn’t the route I originally planned to do, but coming up Northgate I suddenly doubted if I could have done that one. Completely wiped out by Southey street, only just made it to the top without walking on willpower alone. Though I did recover fairly well along Forest Road, which is a  bit of a consolation. Felt stiff shortly afterwards, but expect that’s the hills.

Not a good finish to the running due to a birthday and travel and drink getting in the way.

week total – 7.26 miles

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