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I’m a very enthusiastic user of (for the whole horror story of my music taste look here).

In the past I’ve always used various methods to make sure that my mp3 players have synced up with so I get everything scrobbled. With my previous iPod I used lastPod to update everytime I synced, which while manual was a pretty good solution.

So with an iPhone with a connection I was thinking, surely there must be a way to scrobble my tracks. Either while I’m walking along, or quickly as soon as I get within range of a friendly Wi-Fi network.

Unfortunately due to Apple’s restrictions on ‘official’ apps the Last.FM client can’t scrobble tracks (this is due to the restriction on apps running in the background).

But thanks to a jailbreak, I had another option. Scrobbl, a small free application available from the bigboss repository. The installation is the usual Cydia one and once completed you have a nice new Scrobbl icon available on the launcher.

Fire this up and it prompts for your username/password for Enter these and then it pops up with the settings view.


You can pick whether the app should try scrobbling over your phone link (I’ve supposedly ‘unlimited’ internet so I’ve let it), whether podcasts should be scrobbled,

You also get some quick stats about how many songs you’ve scrobbled and how many are queued. The queue is great, you can listen away while you have no connection and then when you do reconnect Scrobbl will upload all your queued tracks to Excellent.

Such a small simple app, but for a music obsessive like me it just makes the iPhone so much better. Unfortunately I now have to be careful what I listen to, no more secretly bopping away to crap 80’s pop in secret.

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