Moaning for no Reason

This morning on the BBC, news that Scottish brewer Brewdog has brewed a  32% ABV beer –

Now this is obviously a limited edition high priced drink, which they’ve made to prove they could do it (I always thought the only way to get that high was with distillation, but that would mean it wouldn’t be a beer). And good luck to them I say. I’ve tried many of the ‘strongest’ beers at beer festivals over the years, and they’re all normally OK for a small shot sized glass of them, but that’s what Whisky’s for, Beer comes in pints.

And the name is wonderful as well, Tactical Nuclear Penguin. If I see this available for a taster I’ll certainly give it a go. But for £30 I’d still rather have a bottle of Laphroaig

But predictably someone’s moaning about it (Jack Law, of Alcohol Focus Scotland). What’s the point? If they were banging this stuff out by the litre for a £1 then yes there’s a problem. But at £30 a bottle you’ll get a lot more bang for your buck from any cheap £5 bottle of gin/vodka/’whisky’ from the local off license. So once again a rent-a-gob has been found to have a go at someone who’s actually trying to do something interesting without actually engaging their brain.

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