Route 9 – 7 miles – Forest Fields, Canal, Trent Bridge, River Trent Embankment, Lenton – 7 miles

Route 9, Forest Fields, Canal, River Trent, Notting 7 miles

Little bit of an increase in  distance on this one. A change to vary terrain as well, one section offers the choice between the canal and the road, and then along the embankment theres a choice of the path or the grass.

Warning: If doing this in the dark, it’s better to run along Nottingham Road than the canal. In places it gets very dark and slippy, and an oncoming cyclist or drunk may result in an inadvertant start to a triathlon career. Also, there is NO lighting along the embankment, so you won’t be able to see the broken track or potentially anyone hiding behind trees. So take care if running at night

Start from the St Andrews church on Mansfield Road. Head down Mansfield road towards the city centre, bear left down Huntingdon Street. Keep following it round on Lower Parliament street. At the BBC Island turn left up London Road.

Here’s the first choice:

If you want to run up the canal turn left down Great Northern Way, and once you’ve crossed the bridge turn left down the ramp and onto the towpath. Keep following the canal along till you come to Trent Lock, and as you turn right cross over the bridge. Then head towards Trent Bridge.

If you don’t want to do that. Keep following London Road. As you pass the flats on your left just before Trent Bridge look out for the gap/ramp on your left heading towards the Trent and follow this down to the river bank.

Both choices join up here. Head under trent bridge using the small tunnel. Now follow the embankment all the way along choosing your preferred surface. As you pass wilford bridge you’ll be pushed back onto Riverside Way, make sure you stick to the pedestrian side of the shared pathway. Cross over riverside way and take a quick shortcut through Wickes carpark onto Queen’s Drive. Follow Queen’s drive along, and turn left up Castle Bridge road just past the Homebase. Follow this round past Sainsburys and over the canal onto Castle Boulevard. Turn left, and cross over at the lights. At the roundabout head up along Lenton Boulevard. Follow this along as it turns into Radford Boulevard. At Alfreton Road cross over and turn left up Gregory Boulevard. Follow this along past the Forest Rec ground. At Goose Fair Island turn left up Mansfield road and try to complete the last up hil section.

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