Runkeeper update

So a couple of weeks on with Runkeeper and probably time for a quick update on it.

When it works everything is fine, but there do seem to be a couple of niggles that really annoy:

If you start your run in poor GPS coverage it never tries to rescan or improve it’s signal. That coupled with a inability to check it’s own calculations means I end up having done a mile in 10 seconds to a random point off of my route, and then bounce back onto the route. So that’s 2 extra miles and my average pace is right out the window.

A couple of times I’ve had problems with music cutting out randomly through a run. A song will start and then drop out at a random point. A quick fiddle and the iPod is restarted, only to cut out again. On occasions a song will play right through, but then the next song won’t come on. Very very annoying :(

Starting to think if I want really accurate reliable GPS tracking I may need to look into a purpose unit.

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