New Year, new choices

In the spirit of starting something new for 2010, I’ve decided to sign up for an Open University course. MST121 Using mathematics to be specific.

I’ve always enjoyed mathematic. In a previous attempt at a degree the maths modules were the only parts I passed. So here’s hoping that that might come in handy if I decide to continue on to do the full BSc.

The sudden decision was bought on by a Christmas present of Roger Penrose’s Road to Reality. Thinking I’d be able to put my A-Levels to good use (Maths, Further Maths and Physics (B,E,C respectively) I was looking forward to working through it. Barely made it through to chapter 5 before things were really creaking. So I’m going to do MST121 to try and get myself back up to scratch, and then depending on time and results I may well continue onwards

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