Bloody Couriers

Bloody couriers. So the market’s meant to set us free and give us better levels of service is? Bollocks. Why is it every courier in the country is happily touting for home delivery work and then not being able to cope with the fact that most homes aren’t occupied 9-5. And then forcing us to have to traipse miles to go and fetch our own damn parcels, which we’ve forked out good money to have delivered to our doors?

Now, you could always not use a particulare service you say. But do any companys actually give you that information or a warning? the reason for this rant is the Open University delivering my course books.  At no point did they warn me that they were going to use a Courier that would force me into a 40 mile round trip to collect these vital parcels. So rather than a brisk 5 minute walk to my nearest post office I now have 90 minutes of driving through rush hour traffic to collect these items.

Hell, if it’s cheaper to use DHL I’d have offered to pay the extra £10 to use the Royal Mail. Or if they’d have offered I’d have given them works address to deliver to. Gah.


It appears you can provide the Open University with a different delivery address, or at least you can once you’ve logged into Student Home. So now they have my works address to use, which should save me some stress and cash. Would still be nice if they warned you they were using a ‘courier’ rather than Royal mail, and also checked if you wanted to use a different delivery address.

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