MST 121 first impressions

After my run in with DHL I now have 2 impressive cardboard boxes of course materials to start looking through. First impressions are good, there seems to be lots in there and the initial view looks like they’re well produced.

In the package were:

  • Some general Course information (Guide, Handbook and a guide to the computer software (MathCad))
  • A revision pack.
  • Texts for Block A (4 glossy work books, an exercise book and a computer book)
  • Texts for Block B (3 glossy work books, an exercise book and a computer book)
  • DVD containing the MathCad software
  • Audio CDs for the course
  • DVDs for the course
  • DVDs of ‘enrichment’ material (I’m guessing this is ‘inspirational’ material to show how the topics in the course fit in with the real world
  • MathCad software

That’s a pretty impressive amount of material (I’ve had to clear a reasonable section of bookshelf to hold it all), and that’s only the first half of the course. So on a value for money basis it’s looking good already.

Now I just need to start reading through it all. I’ve already jumped into the revision pack, though the course guide would probably have been a better starting point.

The only slight worry is wether MathCad will run on a Mac. I’m hoping it will run under Parrallels as I don’t fancy having to reboot every time I want to use it. Not the end of the world as I do have access to a windows machine, but annoying all the same.

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