Running – Week 16 – w/c 18/01/2010

So finally back out and running. Going to take it easy after 4 weeks off, so hopefully a nice slow week this and then starting to get longer again next week.

19/01/2010 – 3.2 miles – 32:55 – Route 2 – nice break back in. Felt like I took it nice and steadily. Lungs didn’t mind moving again after the first 5 minutes. Lots of little twinges in different places  but they all seemed to settle down, worst was a bit or right hip ache at about 2 miles, but that soon went. Really felt like there was nothing left in the legs at the end, and getting back up the stairs at the end was ‘interesting’

21/01/2009 – 3 miles – 29:48 – Route 2 – not so pleasant. lots of muscle ache from tuesday. Didn’t manage to do the full route as legs felt completely empty, so settled for a fast walk back. Hopefully this is going to start to improve soon.

23/01/2009 – 4 miles – 34:24  – A quick run round the canal and River Trent starting and finishing at Castle Marina Sainsburys. – Felt good to be out. Lovely bright crisp morning. Felt good till about 3.5 miles but then still had enough to get to 4. Lots of people out, some waved back some didn’t. Shame I then had to go into Sainsburys to do the shopping (which took longer than the run).

Week total – 10.2 miles – 1:38:08

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