MST121 – Revision and first assignments

So at the weekend I finally got some time to sit down properly with the first section of MST121 – Using Mathematics.

I ran through the ‘Diagnostic Quiz’ and was pleasantly suprised by how much I’d remembered, or could at least work out long windedly. Think the only question I had problems with was one geometrical/trig one where I’d forgot that any triangle enscribed in a circle with the hypotenuse being the diamter is automatically right angled.

From there I worked my way through the rest of the revision guide. I did the exercises as I went along if I thought they’d help, if I could do them in my head then I was pretty sure that I knew what I was doing there. Only slight gripe is that some of the examples could have been a bit clearer and varied.

Then worked my way through the first CMA, being careful I’ve done all my working on paper, noted the answers and will submit them from that rather than trying to do it all at the same time. Started the TMA, but think I’m going to have to do a rough draft first. I’m just having a problem getting back into writing mathematics properly (lh instead of ln for some reason) and making silly transciption errors. Hopefully I’ll get that finished off today or tomorrow and then in the post.

And then, actually start with the course material. With the late sign up and a week wasted with DHL it’s all a bit hectic getting ready.

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