A night with the stars (or not)

Another slightly geek night out, an Open Dome event at Nottingham Trent University’s observatory organised by CELS.

We were running a few minutes late so unfortunately missed the first 5 minutes of the lecture. But when we got there Daniel Brown was conducting a lecture on the expanding universe and Edwards Hubble’s part in proving that. When we got there he was explaining Einstein’s ideas of a 4 dimensional space and the fact that he wanted it to be a static universe, even to the point of adding the Cosmological constant to ensure it was balanced. Then using some balloons (and a squealing device on a string) daniel introduced the ideas of how movement affects wavelength and also how the distance to stars can be measured. I found the historical information very interesting and the technical information was easy to follow.

Unfortunately due to the weather conditions (very cloudy) we didn’t actually get to observe anything using the telescopes at the dome. Instead we were given an overview of the equipment installed and given a planetarium session on the inside of the dome roof to show us things we should have been able to see that evening, and examples of what we could see with binoculars versus the extra detail that comes from using a larger telescope

A pretty good evening out, and I’ll be keeping an eye on their upcoming events page

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