mst121 – first assessments done

I’ve not handwritten that much in years and my right thumb is letting me know all about it.

The CMA was submitted last night, so hopefully I’ll hear back shortly. Was a nice easy process.  I’d sat and done all the work beforehand so only had to tick the  boxes online which took about 5 minutes. Pretty happy with everything bar one question, logically i know which answers were correct (based on elimination) but I can’t get to them mathematically. I’ll see if I get them right/wrong and then ask why.

The TMA was a lot more work. I’d spent a decent amount of time working through it all over the weekend, every result was plugged back into the original equations to check, and everything double checked on the calculator as well. Then I spent 2 night writing it all up in my best penmanship. 14 sides of A4, with a minimal amount of crossing out. Again I think it’s all OK, hopefully. Just waiting for an address now to send it to and it’s done.

But after all the writing and trying to get it all neat I think I’m going to relearn LaTeX just to make my life easier. These days I type faster than I can write neatly, and errors can always be changed invisibly as well. So off to investigate distributions for the Mac.

Now to actually start on the course material :)

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