mst121 – making small progress

Plenty of progress on the module today. Got my marks back for the first CMA, 93%. Pretty happy with that. The dropped marks were on stupid transcription errors, going to have to make sure I pay attention in future. Hopefully I’ll get the TMA answers back this week.

Finished chapters A0 and A1 properly. I’ve read them through a couple of times over the past week. Then today I’ve sat down and gone through them doing all the exercises and activities. Probably didn’t need to do them all, but think it’s put me in good stead for the future if I don’t understand anything. Nothing particularly tricky/hard in these (hopefully not famous last words). Found the mathcad stuff a little dull, probably because I’ve used similar apps before so it’s really just been learning syntax rather than seeing anything new and exciting.

To celebrate I’ve done the first 2 question on TMA10 (this TMA has to be submitted in 2 halves so you can get better feedback from your tutor. Couple of simple mistakes that I spent ages trying to spot, must pay more attention. Also typeset the non MathCad question in LaTeX, didn’t take too long but does look good :). Nice to feel ahead of the game.

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