MS221 – Exploring Mathematics

As I seem to be cracking through MST121 at a rate of knots I thought I’d look into seeing if I could still combine it with MS221 this year, and try to knock a year off of studying. Thankfully the OU was still letting current students register so I got on the phone and registered.

I can see the course on my profile and see the online versions of the course materials. No mention of a dispatch date (well, there’s a generic ‘Mailed on the 21 2010’ on the materials dispatch page, but unless the OU has a postgrad course in precognition I doubt that’s correct).

So here’s hoping that I’m not wasting money on trying to do to much at once. Though I do appear to be a good few weeks ahead of schedule on MST121. And the worst case scenario is that I’ve got the books so I can study up for MS221 during the ‘off season’ and make life easier next year

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