mst121 part A – nearly there

Another day ploughing through the chapters and I’m pretty close to finishing B3 as well. Chapter 3 was pretty interesting, the idea of using matrices to solve the pipe networks was a nice way to introduce them. And then using them for population growth as well meant it all followed on nicely from B2 as well. And I’d not seen that way to solve simultaneous equations before. Just a little miffed that it didn’t really cover anything interesting past 2×2 matrices (ie; finding inverses etc).

B3 is going quite nicely, vectors are coming back quickly, so hopefully I can just work through the exercises and then look up the bits I need to recheck. Hopefully I’ll finish that tomorrow, and then I’ll start drafting out TMA02.

So hopefully I can then start on MS221 and read through that for the rest of the week.

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