First black and white shots back

So I took the plunge and decided to let Boots process my first 2 rolls of black and white film. Luckily I’d gone with Ilford’s XP2 Super, so they could do that. Also paid the extra couple of quid to have them scanned onto a CD, and these are the results. Other than putting the watermarks on with an ImageMagick script these are ‘as they come’:

Pigs might FlyA little still life of our windowsill at home. I love the sharpness of the spots on the pig. Would have like a little more contrast on the crystals, but don’t think Boots could really do that.

I just love the sharpness of the feathers on this vulture. And the detail in the handler’s hair is impressive as well. That would have taken a reasonable amount of faffing in Photoshop or Bibble normally.

I’ve always liked black and white portraits, and it’s nice to see that I can make them now. The lighting looks really smooth and nice with just a little bit of fill from the laptop screen. But there’s still plenty of detail in the hair and the jumper. And the reduced DoF with the larger 35mm frame lets her break free from the background. And having a pretty model for a girlfriend helps :).

So I think the bug has definitely bitten. Just ordered 5 more roles of HP5+, and now seriously looking into some processing kit of my own. I’m at least going to process my own negatives and then investigate getting them printed.

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