Compare and Contrast

These images are taken from the Iconic Photos blog (which is well worth reading).

The first is an iconic photo of Lisa Fonssagrives posing on the Eiffel Tower:

And from this interview it appears that she was actually there dancing on the edge. Now compare that with a modern ‘inspired’1 version:

Which is Marion Cotillard going absolutely nowhere near the Eiffel Tower except in a Photoshop layer. It’s not even a convincing shop either, the photo’s cropped to hide the fact she’s stood on the floor, her left hand is obviously leaning on a vertical support rather than the angled girder she’s meant to be and the backdrop looks awful. Even leaving aside the technical complaints the newer photo just doesn’t have the energy or ‘Joie de vivre’ of the original.

Just goes to show that combining famous people, dramatic scenery and technical photography doesn’t mean you’ll actually get a good photograph.

[1] – Notice how inspired is so close to insipid?

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