MST121 – Finishing up TMA01 part 2

Well, been slacking on the OU stuff recently as new cameras are much more fun than learning :).

So it’s a suprise that I need to get TMA01b out of the door tomorrow or Thursday. So some quick scurrying around on the computer today and the main body is finished, not too bad as it’s mainly just algebra and functions, just the joy of going through the obligatory MathCad section now. Be nice if the system was slightly more intuitive, but I guess it keeps the costs down.

Quickly running through it all again has been good revision. Hopefully that’ll come in handy for MS221 as there’s no exam on 121.

Now to hopefully have it finished so I can drop it off at the PO tomorrow in plenty of time.

(and from the number of incoming search results I’m guessing the September 09 course are meant to be submitting TMA03 about now?)

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