Iphone App Review – Massive Dev Chart

While researching the best ways to develop film I naturally stumbled over the Massive Dev Chart website. This site seems to contain all the combination of film, chemicals and ISOs normally needed.

And it turns out they have an iPhone App as well. So a copy was purchased.

Got to say I’m very impressed. All the data is held locally so there’s no need to constantly drain the iPhone’s battery while looking up a combination. The app has a start page holding the most recent/popular settings so you’re good to go quickly.

Massive Dev chart iPhone app home screen

Adding another combination to the page is a very simple process:

  • Select a film
  • Select a developer each entry being split by:
    • The dilution of the developer
    • The film speeds that data is held
  • The ISO rating the film was shot at

Choosing a film in Massive Dev Chart iPhone App Choosing Developer and dilution in Massive Dev Chart iphone app Choosing film speed in Massive Dev Chart iPhone app

This is all that’s needed for basic usage. From the main screen each ‘recipe’ can be selected and then edited further if needed. Options include altering the temperature if you happen to not be working at 20oC

Editing development options in Massive Dev Chart iPhone app

The settings page (hidden under the iPhone’s settings app rather than within the App) allows you to set Temperature Scale, Volume scale, Fixing times and Agitation Scheme.

Dev Chart Settings screen

This all comes together when you use the built in timer. Clicking start (suprisingly) starts the timer running. And from then on your phone will tell you when to agitate and when to change chemicals. By default it pauses between each stage so you’ve time to change chemicals and reseal the developing tub.

Development timer screen in Massive Dev Chart iPhone App

All in all this is a bloody useful little app which is easily worth it’s £3.99. The only caveat is it depend on how much you trust the data in the Massive Dev Chart, at this point it all looks good to me. Though given the amount of editing you can do you can always tweak the setting to accommodate any tweaks and changes you wish to make.

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