Better later than never, Infest 2008 photos

So I’ve been a little tardy getting these up (18 months), but finally i’ve gone back and got them all sorted out. Half the time was taken trying to find the portable drive I’d stashed them on. There you go kids, tip number 2154, make sure you remember where you leave your photos (this is something moving onto film will make easier as I can just keep them all in a box in the cupboard :) )

First up are a couple of bands where I only got one or 2 of them (unfortunately a lot of EBM bands don’t actually move much, so chance for interesting shots are a little rare).


Marsheaux live at Infest 2008


Coreline performing at Infest 2008


Noisuf-X performing at Infest 2008

More will appear shortly.

And if everything has worked behind the scenes this should also mean i’ve rejoined LJ, and in a moment of synchronicity these are the pictures I needed to sort out in my last post

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