Well it appears that either the Arts Council or Nottingham Contemporary have decided that blog spam is the best way to advertise the The Nottingham Contemporary (aka “The Fag Packet”).

They seem to have decided to use the following google query – – to get a list of sites where they could dump a vague advertisment with a link to a site of adverts and poor photos of the Fag Packet. A quick whizz through the google results shows a fairly standard boilerplate reposted by ‘Andy’. ‘Andy’ also appears to be posting from the BBC, which is an interesting stitch up of public bodies.

Quite amusing how the photos they use manage to not show just how badly the building fits in with the area. And also how they’ve not managed to capture what is the only redeeming feature , which is the lace cut steel, by not using a high enough resolution.

Will still probably toddle down at some point in the next couple of weeks to have a look at the Star City exhibition before it closes.

Wonder if they’ll rerun the idea at some point and this post will get a response?

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