Star City @ Nottingham Contemporary, April 2010

In need of another culture fix we wandered over to the Nottingham Contemporary to catch the Star City exhibit before it closed. Billed as an exhibition about the “The Future Under Communism” and the “Race for Space” I had visions of lots of space geekery. Turns out I was wrong, but not in a bad way.

We started out in “The Space” with Mother, Earth, Sister, Moon by Tomaszewski and Malinowska. “The Space” appears to be a large almost performance space in the bowels of the contemporary, certainly tending towards the utilitarian, though I don’t necessarily mind ‘naked’ building spaces, and in this case the cold bare concrete walls worked well. The installation was a tribute to the first woman in space, though as it consists of a large fabric construction of a cosmonaut, this isn’t immediately apparent until you read the display notes. All very nice, but it did feel like it was missing something. Throughout the exhibition there have been fashion shows staged within the ‘Cosmonaut’, and for something like that it’d work well.

Moving back upstairs it was nice to see that someone’s got better with both the paintbrush and the floor brush :). On the upper floor there were a mix of arists works on display. Can’t say I was hugely bothered by most of the Video installs but that’s just my taste. I did like Tobias Putrih’s Solaris, a small cinema constructed from cardboard tubes and plywood offcuts which was right up my particular alley. Also taken by Micol Assaël’s, Elsewhere, which appeared to be an installed minimalist glitch sound system constructed from rusting electronics sat in a pool of water, I could have sat there listening for a good long time.

So a bit hit and miss, but it was a nice way to spend an hour.

Treated myself to an ‘Origami Space ships’ kit in the shop on the way out.

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