Until the light takes us, part II

Got to see ‘Until the Light Takes Us” on Friday, and didn’t end up with either of the options I’d thought would happen. No sign of it coming to the Broadway yet, but I was informed of a couple of showing over at Quad in Derby. Having nothing better to do on a Friday evening for once we decided to books some tickets and head over.

Quad’s a nice little ‘art’ cinema over in Derby, I really liked it. The audience for the film were rather easy to pick out amongst the rest of the clientele. Only showing in the smaller screen, but we didn’t take up much room. The documentary itself was a mixed bag. If you don’t know the early black metal history of Mayhem then you’re going to be pretty lost, as the directors/producers pretty much assume you know it all and just want the details. The main focus is Fenriz of DarkThrone, who comes across in his usual music loving slightly doped style, coming out of it all pretty well. The other main antagonist is Varg (pre release from jail), who retells the Euronymous story again (differently, again), and proves that he was a strange individual well before meeing the Mayhem crew. Hellhammer comes off as a racist homophobe (quel surprise). And for some reason the do a ‘Jerry Adams’ on Faust blocking out his face and disguising his voice despite crediting him on screen, though this is apparently at his own request. It does quite happily show just how fucked up some of the originators were, and that they’re still out of the Norm. Frost turns up halfway through, but didn’t really seem to want to be there and I can’t remember any major points he made, did feel like he’d been dragged in as one of the ‘extreme’ current bands.

Overall not too bad a film, though some of the editing could have been tighter, and I get the feeling they were going for more of an arty production than their main audience would really want (the interpretive tap dance segment seemed to just provoke laughter). I’ll probably rewatch it if it comes out on DVD at a reasonable price.

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