MST121 – TMA02 submitted (just in time).

Well that was another quick squeak. I really should set something up so that I get an alert from the blog when the search queries for ‘MST121 TMA[1-4]’ start coming in. Will mean that I need to actually get off my arse and start typing something up.

Luckily I managed to get it all typed up over the weekend and in the post[1] on Monday morning. Just hoping that it turns up with my tutor before the deadline at 12 today.

Seemed to be lots of Mathcad for this TMA. Unfortunately it doesn’t really seem to show anything mathematical as all we’re doing is punching numbers into pre built workbooks and then commenting on the results. It’d make life a lot quicker and easier if they just showed us the graphs and asked us to comment on them. Hohum.

Any it’s done.  So that’s the first half of MST121 done. Now to read the last 6 books.

[1] – I would be so grateful if Nottingham Central post office would mind putting the member of staff out front to do ‘Certificates of posting’ at lunch times.  I do so enjoy queueing for 15 minutes for someone to stamp a piece of paper.

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