Trying to improve

So I’ve decided that I really want to up my photo game. Sounds simple really doesn’t it, but then I started thinking about what I actually want to do and realised just how much I need to learn and how long it’s going to take.

Step 1 is just to look at more photos. Sounds stupid, but I realised I was mainly looking at photos just on Flickr or when they were attached to articles. So a multi-pronged approach here:

  • Visit more exhibitions/galleries
  • Buy more large photo books (starting with Anton Corbijn‘s Star Trak thanks to a wonderful anniversary present)
  • Be more critical when I’m looking at. I need to start thinking about what I actually like about the photo and how the photographer achieved it
  • Join one of the Nottingham photographers groups, they all seem to run ‘criticism’ nights and I think that could really help.

Thankfully there’ll also be some fun stuff with the camera. I really need to hone some techniques so I spend more time taking quality shots rather than hunting through hundreds for the couple of good ones. So there’ll be plenty of time just taking shots to test things (like the 16 frames of film I took to do a Zone system comparison).

Some of it’s already paying off a little, as I’m getting a much better idea of what makes a good portrait (something I suck at). Now just to put it into action, which leads onto:

And I need to make sure I keep taking photos, practice making perfect and all that :).

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