MS221 and MST121 TMA02

It seems to be all TMAs at the moment.

After the rush to get MST121 TMA02 out of the door I’m pretty happy to have gotten a decent mark on that (>80%). The same usual stupid mistakes in transcription (one day I’ll sort that), but I’m happy to see that it looks like the actual maths is sinking in properly.

This week has been all about the MS221 TMA02 submission. Slightly worried that I’ve had to refer to previous notes a bit more than normal, but thankfully I seem to just need the odd kickstart and then everything comes rushing back in. Slows down the TMA a bit, but hopefully it’s going to makre revising for the exam in october a bit easier. One of the questions is possibly a bit curiously worded, so I’ve made sure to evaluate absolutely everything to make sure I’ve covered that.

Not that impressed that 25% of the available marks are reliant on using Mathcad. I drafted the rest of the answers in about 4 hours, typed them up in 2 and then had to spend another 6 mucking around with Mathcad. I don’t really see that it’s adding much to process of learning the maths, and the interface is shockingly bad. Hopefully it isn’t used much in M208 if at all (Yep, I’ve already decided that I’m going to register for this for next year)

And just in case anyone else stuggles to work out how to represent the character the OU use for the unit circle, \mathscr{C} seems to do the job fine

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